Recent and Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Talks:

December 2020: Departmental Colloquium, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Online): Scepticism about Metaphysical Explanation

December 2020: GEM, Collège de France (Online): Carving nature at the Joints

March 2021: Inductive Metaphysics: Laws and Explanations in Metaphysics and Science, Dusseldorf, Germany: TBC

Recent Talks:

February 2020: Formal Ontology and Metaphysics of Science, University of Bristol: Realism and metaphysical structure

December 2018: Departmental Colloquium, Uppsala University, Sweden: Fictionalism about Grounding

November 2018: Departmental Colloquium, CEU, Hungary: Realism, Antirealism and Metaphysical Explanation in the Philosophy of Mind

May 2018: The Ontology of Art, Lignan, Hong Kong: Imagined Concern

March 2018: Realism and Emergence in the Philosophy of Science, Oxford

December 2017: Metaphysical and mathematical explanations: Explanation, grounding, dependence, Pavia, Italy: Structure and Metaphysical Explanation

November 2017: RIP Seminar, Queen’s University Belfast: Metaphysical Explanation

November 2017: RIP seminar, Keele University: Fictionalism about Grounding

November 2017: GEM Colloquium, Collège de France: Metaphysical Explanation and Reality’s Structure

September 2017: Metaphysical Explanation 2, Gothenburg: Metaphysical Explanation: Some Questions

March 2017: The Metaphysics of Totality, Glasgow: Fictionalism about Grounding

October 2016: RIP London Lecture Series, London: Fictionalism about Grounding

October 2016: Grounding Grounding, Alghero: Grounding, Structure, Explanation

September 2016: Metaphysical Explanation, Gothenburg: Metaphysical Explanation and Reality’s Structure

May 2016: Structure in Metaphysics, University of Oxford: Metaphysical Explanation and Reality’s Structure

May 2016: Grounding and Explanation, University of Leeds: Metaphysical Explanation and Reality’s Structure

March 2016: Philosophy Seminar, University of Nottingham: Irrealism about Grounding

December 2015: PERSP Metaphysics Workshop, Barcelona: Fictionalism about Grounding

December 2015: BSA conference on Fictional Characters, University of Southampton: Rethinking Fictional Irrealism

September 2015: GAP 9, Osnabrück: Grounding, Metaontology and Metametaontology

July 2015: The Postgraduate Session of the Joint Sessions of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, University of Warwick: Grounding and Metaphysical Explanation

June 2015: York SWIPUniversity of York: Grounding and Metaphysical Explanation

May 2015: Truth and Grounds, eidos, Switzerland: Fictionalism about Grounding

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